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Thread Title: So long joe''s basement Added by Dan Dixon on 12/Mar/03 at 15:10:06
Joe''s Basement, a D&P outfit in London have gone out of business. They did a great service, especially their white borders style. Their mounted the negs so that the entire surface was exposed for printing, thus showing bits of unexposed black film on the print. I liked this a lot and would like to find another place that does it. Does anyone know anyplace that does a similar thing? Outside London is fine, I''m more than happy to do postal service.

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Added by pikestones on 12/Mar/03 at 21:30:14
try david farnell in lancaster

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Added by Paul Newbery on 21/Mar/03 at 17:01:00
Photomedia (Egham) still do some slide work and mount to any specs. Give us a call on 01784 431385, we would be happy to quote, send samples or discuss your needs. Paul

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