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Thread Title: Architectural photography courses Added by on 23/May/06 at 08:27:36
I am looking for a good course in architectural photography. I have an architectural background and enjoy photography and would love to combine both into a career. thanks in advance regards Gary

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Added by KW Photography on 23/May/06 at 09:48:01
I don''t believe there is one. Though architecture may be studied as part of another main photography or design course.

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Added by KDP2006 on 23/May/06 at 11:12:00

Try contacting one of the photography societies BIPP, RPS or MPA they might know of something.

If you thinking about this as a line of work though then I always find a strong portfolio and the knowledge of how you created it has far more impact than a certificate saying you studied it.

The fundamentals of photography are pretty universal to all types and styles so if your starting from scratch you could try tapping in to some more generic courses that teach the basics of lighting, focusing and editing and maybe just miss out the sessions that you have no interest in, if your paying for the course and explain this to the course tutor I am pretty sure they would cater to your needs as much as the rest of the group and explain which bits are relevant to architectural photography.

At least then you would have had a taster of the basics. Good luck in your hunting.

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