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Canon EOS 1D Mark IV
The Canon EOS 1D IV is a new top end Digital SLR and is due to be available to buy in December 2009. Features include HD movies, wide ISO range and a fast burst mode.

Nikon D3s
It is two years since Nikon launched the highly successful D3. Now they have come up with a new camera and a number of enhancements. Take a bow the Nikon D3s.

Canon EOS 7D
Hot on the heels of the Nikon D300s Canon has introduced a new mid range Digital SLR. This camera has a number of significant upgrades over previous Canon mid range models. Check out the details here.

Super Fast CompactFlash Memory Card
SanDisk has announced a new range of CompactFlash memory cards. With the introduction of High Definition movie modes to Digital SLRs and the increasing capture speeds available, see how memory capabilities are keeping up too.

Nikon D300s
The Nikon D300s is an upgrade to the Nikon D300. This type of camera sits in the prosumer category and is often used by semi professionals and also as a back up SLR body as well.

Sony CR20L Printer
Sony has recently introduced the Super Snap Lab unit (CR20L). The lab is aimed directly at event photographers. It combines a printer with an interface that allows you to select photos to print.

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