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Selling Your Photography - Sales - Feature
Making cash from cameras – an introduction to selling commercial photography services

Wedding Photography Franchise - Art Weddings - Feature
Are you looking to start your own wedding photography business? If you are then running a wedding photography franchise could be a quick way to get your business making money.

Becoming a Professional Fashion Photographer - Robert Allen - Feature
You want to be a Fashion Phographer? This article explains how to get started and how a Focus Hub Photography Course can set you on the road to start a career in fashion photography.

Think of Becoming a Professional Photographer? What Training Should You Take? - Garry Edwards - Feature
Selecting the right training courses can go a big way to putting you on the path to becoming a successful professional photographer. So what type of courses are available and which ones suit your personal needs?

What is Your USP? - Photography Marketing - Feature
Differeintiating your business from the competion is one of the key ways to ensure your business is successful. If you can provide a compelling reason for people to buy your products and services you are a long way down the path to success.

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Are you Guilty of Incestuous Marketing? - Photography Marketing - Feature
Where do you get your marketing ideas from? Do you analyse what other photographers are offering or do you look at other markets to see if you can pick up something new and get ahead of other photographers.

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Copy - - Feature
Improving your sales and marketing is the key to increasing profits and putting more money in your pocket. If you are responsible for writing your own sales and marketing literature then it is worth taking a look at a coupe of suggestions to help you along the way.

Creating a Brand For Your Photography Business - - Feature
If you are looking to take your photography business to the next level creating a brand identity is likely to help you push onwards and upwards.

Positioning your Photography Business to Fulfill Your Potential - Photography Marketing - Feature
Positioning your photography business could be the key to moving forward. Here are some tips for finding your niche and targeting your business to help it reach it’s full potential.

The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw - - Feature
There is one thing that will increase your bookings and sales more than anything else. It is more important than your technical skills and all your marketing efforts. What is it? Find out here!

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Latest Website Ideas

The Website Analytics Goldmine - - Feature
It goes without saying that a great website can bring in extra business. But how do you know if your website is working for you or not? This article looks at how to dig for profit in the mass of information your website generates for you.

Does Your Website Say Enough? - - Feature
Many people feel that getting visitors to your website is the hard part, but what happens when they get there? Are you doing all you can to make sure your conversion rates are high and your website is turning visitors onto clients? This article looks at the balance between words and photographs.

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