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How can you find the perfect member for your team?

Why you should advertise on jobs pages

It's important that you can rely wholeheartedly on the person that's working with you. The ability to take a good shot is a given, as is their technical knowledge. But it's not just about the pictures they take. Everything they do and how they interact with customers reflects on the reputation of your business. So whether you're looking for a new portrait recruit, a wedding second shooter, a representative for your school company or a possible new partner, finding the right person for your team is the most important decision you'll make. Having a strong team behind you will also enable you to take a step back and develop your business in the way you want.

Once you've take the decision to recruit, it's important that the process is easy. You want lots of applicants - but not too many - and more importantly, the right ones. Wading through hundreds of wannabe photographers is no-one's idea of fun. Getting the right candidates with the right qualities will save you time, effort and ultimately money.

What are your options? Using a recruitment consultant can be costly and it's not as if there's a shortage of candidates. Advertising on a cheaper general site can be time-consuming and doesn't reflect well on your company's profile. And advertising on an association site won't always guarantee you the job-hungry audience.

For 8 years now, job pages have been matching quality candidates to great industry jobs. Ours is the first site to appear when you google 'photography jobs' and we have over 75,000 visitors to our pages each month. Of the hundreds of adverts that were placed in the last 12 months, an average of 64 good quality applicants responded. But the statistics only tell one side of the story. We have a sample of testimonials here and many more verbal recommendations for happy advertisers that have been able to find the perfect member for their team through our job pages.

How much do you have to pay?

Advertising costs

We understand the different types of roles there are in the photography industry so have refined to two categories of jobs: part-time and full-time. It's really important that you classify your vacancy correctly so that you don't pay too much for your advert.

For you, a part-time or casual job is when the recruit is not a full-time salaried employee but works on a retained or freelance basis, from occasionally to frequent. A full-time position is one where it's the main source of income for the photographer and they're paid monthly.

If you have any doubts over which category to choose, please ask below or phone 07739 035923.

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The costs for placing your advert for four weeks are:

Part-time / Casual £67.99
Full-time £135.99

Would you like us to filter your responses for you?

Often the thing that puts you off advertising is the prospect of receiving hundreds of applicants; and it can be a full-time job dealing with the resulting calls and emails. We can help by providing our Selection service, where you simply have to provide us with:

  • Your essential criteria;
  • Your 'good to have' criteria;
  • How many candidates you would like to see on the shortlist

With this, we can handle all of the response and present you with the shortlist one week after the advert closing date. The cost for this additional service is only £19.99.

What if you have multiple adverts to place across the year?

We have based our new advertising rates on single adverts placed. If you have a regular need for high quality candidates and want to place adverts monthly then we would be happy to discuss a fixed monthly fee. This fee would be paid by monthly direct debit and subject to change or termination within 30 days notice. Please contact Nick on 07739 035 923 or fill in the form below with your anticipated volume.

Please fill in the details below and click send mail

Does it work?

Based on the feedback we get daily, yes it does. Here are some quotes from advertisers:

" is a fantastic place to connect with well qualified and motivated photographers. I advertised a voluntary photography role to support an international charity volunteering programme. I was delighted to receive a great response from committed and experienced professionals willing to utilise their skills for a great cause." Catherine, Raleigh International Raleigh International

"We have used ever since we expanded our business in 2011. This year we have taken on 10 photographers, and we find that we don't need to go with any other company. We are always surprised at how many strong applications we receive all from our adverts with Sometimes, if we feel that we would like to change the message going out to applicants, we can simply ask for a few revisions to be made, and this has always been done quickly, efficiently, and our concerns have been met with understanding and patience. It is really important for us, as a small business, that we get it right and we feel that genuinely care about this too. We will continue to use them every time we start the recruitment process." Clare, Clare Edmead Photography Clare Edmead Photography

"When advertising in the past, it's been time consuming sifting through an inbox full of responses. This time I used the selection service and was sent the best candidates every couple of days. What a fab service! Saved so much time and I've hired two good ones already. Thank you." Jo, Rare Moments Photography

"We got a fantastic response, you've obviously have done a great job in putting together your site."
Kevin - Your Wedding Photography

"We had an excellent response to the recent ad for a Caring Creative Photographer. I am now inundated with enquiries and have without doubt plenty of quality candidates." Eleanor Lestrange, Peach Photography

"The advert for Wedding Photographers was a great success. I had over 500 applications for the job advertised so it was worth the money we spent on it. With regard to quality, I managed to pick a few out of the bunch so all-in-all was happy." Josh Everett, Big Day Productions

"What you're doing on the site is remarkable. I have a great response from the listings section and also advertised for a Photography Assistant position recently and got two great freelancers in. I wouldn't hesitate to use the site again for my new position of Sales Executive." Ade, AA Deluxe Photos.

"We used to find an Trainee Photographer and were delighted with the level of response with over 80 applicants. We were 100% successful in recruiting the person we were looking for. " Lisa Delaney, Venture Wandsworth

" I placed an advert to find a portrait photographer and was really pleased that the guy I found was excellent. So I shall certainly use the site again when I'm next looking for some help with my wedding and portrait business." Kam, Abraxas Photography

"I just wanted to say thank you too as I've been inundated with applicants. I was struggling to find a photographer beforehand and posting the role on your website has made a real difference to the quality and quantity of applicants." Phill Jamieson, Head of Marketing Dunelm Mill

All costs quoted are exclusive of VAT. We ask for payment at the point of placing the advert via WorldPay.

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