How Much To Pay For A Portrait Photographer

If you are either a potential customer looking to see how much you should pay for a set of portrait photographs or a portrait photographer wondering if your pricing is right then this article will be of interest to you.

To state the obviously there are no hard and fast rules as to how much you should be paying for portraits. The difference in price between photographers can be large and just because one charges a higher price than another it doesn't always follow that you will get a set of portrait photographs that are necessarily better.

The good news is that it is getting easier to see the quality of a photographer's work before you hand over any of your hard earned cash to them and then find that the end results are disappointing. More and more photographers are putting their portfolios online so that you can see the style of the portraits that you will get as well as the quality. If I were booking a portrait photographer I would have no hesitation in checking out their website and adding them to a potential shortlist before going to see them.

Prices can vary enormously. All the portrait photographers that I have spoken to charge a sitting fee. The lowest I found was £15 and the highest £200. The vast majority seems to be in the region of £50 to £100. Paying a £100 sitting fee shouldn't necessarily be a problem. If you are faced with paying that much then you really should make sure that you have had a thorough look at the photographer's work beforehand and that you are very happy with his style and manner. I would recommend that you meet the photographer in person before committing to the shoot however much you are going to pay. Before a single shot is taken you should be confident that you will end up with a set of photographs that you will be proud of. It is very important that you feel comfortable with them if the final photographs are going to be perfect. If you do not feel relaxed during the shoot then you are invariably going to be disappointed by the end result.

Normally at least one picture comes as part of the sitting fee. Unless you are paying a sitting fee at the lower end of the price range then it is quite possible that a number of photographs will be made available to you for no extra charge. It is quite common though for these to be fairly small in size. Larger photographs suitable for mounting on the wall are usually charged at an additional price. Framing your photographs is also likely to incur a further charge.

A lot of people take advantage of services offered by their local department store. These usually offer a very low sitting fee, sometimes as low as £10, but unless you want a minimal number of photographs after the session then you may end up being surprised by the final bill. I have to admit that I have seen a number of photographs taken in portrait studios, based in department stores. The is nothing wrong with the standard of the photographer, but by their very nature there is often a time pressure that means that the end results are not always as good as a more relaxed session elsewhere. When selecting a photographer it is always important to check how long the session will last. Creating good photographs can take a lot longer than you think especially if you are not the type who is relaxed in front of the camera.

In the past you have had little choice as to the location for your portrait session. You and quite probably your family would troop along to the photographer's studio and a series of photographs in traditional poses would be taken. These days more and more photographers offer you the chance to have portraits taken in your own home or outdoors on location. The style has also changed with a more relaxed approach taken. You are likely to find that photographers who are prepared to create portraits away from the comfort of their studio will add a premium to the price. A new twist is that some photographers who are aware of the way technology is moving will provide you with a CD of the images taken, so that you can arrange for further prints yourself. This isn't always quite as enticing as you think, as a professional photographer will almost certainly know the best labs to produce the highest quality prints.

Where you finally have your portrait photographs taken and how much you pay is your decision. Make sure you meet your photographer before you agree to a photo session and also inspect their work carefully before making your final decision. These days there is certainly more choice concerning the type of portraits that you end up with and if you can find the right photographer then you will be well and truly rewarded.

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